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  • Thursday, 10 November 2011

Last week the ICT GM Project launched a cyber awareness campaign and resource suitable for the Maltese islands. Rather than reinventing the wheel, the ICT Gozo Malta Project’s free online portal will group together the links for the best free cyber awareness information from around the world – all in one central place.

US President Barack Obama has personally driven the US Government’s campaign, and October each year is USA Cyber Security Awareness Month by Presidential Decree.

The new online resource provided by ICT GM will be of benefit to everyone who uses a computer and the Internet, from the latest new user through to the experienced users. The resource will act as a clearinghouse where everyone will quickly find the level of information that is relevant to them. Users can see what is offered locally in Malta and explore what is offered abroad in Europe and in countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and more.

Mr. Joe Grech, President of the Gozo Business Chamber said that, “this new initiative by ICT Gozo Malta is important to every household in Malta. The links will allow access to very easy to follow information for families, including parents, grandparents and students of all ages, as well as much more detailed information for educators, companies and organisations.”

Mr. Rodney Naudi, Department Manager at the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) believes that today’s world and social tools give us a presence in the cyber community and our friends’ network knows no physical barriers.  “An event that takes place in any location in the world is instantaneously relayed across all interested parties. We live in a connected world – a click away from a vast world of information and opportunities,” adds Mr. Naudi. All this has its own trade-off. Our well being is not only determined by the community that we live in but now we also need to be vigilant of unscrupulous individuals and organisations that roam this cyber space. “I see this initiative as another concrete step that the local industry is doing in conjunction with the Maltese Government to increase awareness,” adds Mr. Naudi. He believes in the Maltese saying ‘bniedem av?at nofsu armat’ (someone who’s alerted is half prepared).

To emphasise the international aspects of cyber awareness, the ICT Gozo Malta website will each week feature selected awareness campaigns and themes from around the world. The first featured campaigns will be Malta’s own “Be Smart Online” campaign and the UK Government’s “Get Safe Online Week 7 - 11 November 2011. Both of these campaigns provide simple and straightforward information for everyone, even for new Internet users.

Future featured campaigns and themes will include free curriculum and resources developed overseas for primary and secondary school students and teachers, and much more. As we wish to continually improve this online resource for the Maltese population, we invite anyone with additional relevant information or suitable links to email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The cyber awareness page was developed by the project co-founder, Synaptic Laboratories Limited, who also offers ongoing voluntary support and contributions to the ICT Gozo Malta project in general. GBC President, Mr. Joe Grech said “We encourage all readers to make use of the free resource being made available to them. It will only take some little time for everyone to become more cyber aware, but it could possibly save you, your family and your business lots of money and heartache. Cyber awareness is essential for us all and it is good for the entire Nation.”

For further details about the project please contact Mr. David Pace on

+356 79630221 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Website:

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