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  • Wednesday, 16 November 2011

ICT Gozo Malta and BCS Malta are organising an International Cyber Security Seminar with bi-directional links to Brazil’s Annual Security Leaders Congress and world leading security experts

An International Cyber Security Seminar will be held at MITA’s Offices in Malta on Wednesday 23rd November 2011 at 6pm. The event is being organised by ICT Gozo Malta and the Chartered Institute of IT, BCS Malta Section. It is sponsored or supported by several Malta institutions including MITA, the ICT Students Association, Malta Infosecurity Org and academics from MCAST and the University of Malta. Two things differentiate this seminar from all others. First, there will be the contributions by world leading security figures such as former US National Security Agency Technical Director Brian Snow, and Bob Quick, former Assistant Commissioner of Police in the UK. Secondly, the seminar will include a reciprocal live link with the Annual Brazil Security Leaders Congress being held concurrently in Sao Paolo, capital of Brazil. Benjamin Gittins, CTO of Synaptic Laboratories, speaking from the Malta seminar, will participate in the 2 day Congress that is attended by some 300 CEO/CIO/CTO level executives from across Brazil’s public, academic and industry sectors. The Congress organisers are actually widely publicising this bi-directional linkage to Malta. This represents a very positive mutual promotion of Maltese relations and ICT innovation at the highest levels across industry government and academia in Brazil, with a view to developing further bi- directional research, product development and business relationships.

Synaptic Labs participation will take place remotely from the Malta seminar and will be the first such international participation in the history of the Brazil Congress. The invitation to participate was initiated from Brazil by SCOPUS Technology (part of the Bradesco Bank Group), a leading IT company servicing all Brazil. It is the result of outreach by Synaptic Labs and the ICT Gozo Malta project at international events, creating new international relationships and drawing international attention to Malta as a source of exciting ICT innovation.

The Brazil Congress will be streamed live onto the Internet with translation into English. In the panel called “Securing Legitimate Access”, Mr Gittins will participate from Malta along with several prominent Brazilian Information Security Leaders from Government, Industry and Academia.

The Malta seminar will start promptly at 6pm on the 23rd November 2011, with the live bi-directional linkage to the Brazil Congress starting at 6:30pm.

The Malta seminar will also include several remote keynote presentationsfrom Brazil, the USA and UK. The keynote speakers will be:

Prof. Fabian Martins (Scopus/Bradesco Bank) – addressing our seminar live from the Security Leaders Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Fabian is Systems Manager responsible for Productisation in the Security & Innovation Dept of Scopus Technology. Scopus is the IT subsidiary of Bradesco Bank (one of the Big Four banks in Brazil) and one of the main IT innovation and service companies with 11 laboratories and 150 service points across all the Brazilian market. Prof. Martins is an IT professional with specialization in software engineering, M.Sc. degree in information processing and MBA in management, with strong expertise in software and business processes/systems design and information security. He has a strong background in Cyber security and is also a Professor at the University’s Faculty of Technology, Sao Paolo. Prof. Martins was instrumental in arranging the invitation for Synaptic Labs to participate in the Brazil Security Leaders Congress.

Bob Quick, CEO BlueLight Global Solutions (London, England), leading providers of Consulting/Resourcing/Solutions in Police, Justice and International Security. Bob has extensive strategic and operational experience in counter terrorism, intelligence, serious and organised crime reduction and business improvement. Prior to taking up his position in BlueLight Global Solutions Bob held the position of Assistant Commissioner ‘Specialist Operations’ at Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard, in which role he was responsible for counter terrorism in the UK, for protection of the Royal Family, Prime Minister and Cabinet and all diplomatic visits to UK and diplomatic buildings. BlueLight Global Solutions has extended its scope of operations to include next generation cyber security and recently taken up a representative role on behalf of Synaptic Laboratories Limited in the UK.

Brian Snow, (Maryland, USA) is best known for his many years as Technical Director at the United States National Security Agency. Recognized mathematician and computer scientist, with several patents, awards and honours attesting to his creativity, Brian Snow’s early work spans from teaching mathematics and laying the groundwork for a computer science department at Ohio University in the 1960?s, to working as a cryptologic designer and architect at the National Security Agency (NSA) in the 1970s. In the 1980s, he helped create and manage NSA’s Secure Systems Design division, contributing to nuclear command and control systems and developing tactical radios for the battlefield. Brian Snow’s later contributions included serving as NSA’s senior technical director in three major mission components: research directorate; Information Assurance Directorate, and Directorate for Education and Training. Brian Snow has been a strong advocate for Synaptic Labs over several years.

There will also be presentations from Benjamin Gittins, Chief Technical Officer of Synaptic Laboratories Limited, co-founders of the ICT Gozo Malta project, and other international experts, including from Green Hills Software, Headquartered in the USA, vendors of the world’s most highly certiifed secure operating system. Also Wittenstein High Integrity Systems with their Headquarters in Germany. Their products can be found across an array of global markets, including aerospace and defence. There will also be local speakers to provide the local context, including up to date information on ICT Gozo Malta’s cyber awareness campaign and Synaptic Labs activities.

Places at this unqiue seminar are limited and registration is strongly recommended. Already there are large group registrations, such as from MCAST. Please visit BCS Malta at or and follow the links. Attendees can also register by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Refreshments will be provided.

Interested parties are invited to inform their friends and associates and a flyer for this event is available for download here.

This cyber security seminar is part of both ICT Gozo Malta’s international promotion of Malta sourced ICT and its current cyber awareness campaign. In addition to organising this seminar, every individual, family and company that uses the Internet can benefit from the new free online cyber security awareness resource now available on the ICT Gozo Malta website at

For further details about the ICT Gozo Malta project please contact Mr. David Pace on +356 79630221 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Website:

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